That’s a Wrap!

2021, while full of hope and also sadness for many, filled us with a profound appreciation for the good things and cherished people in our lives. 

At Look. Walls & Interiors we feel tremendous gratitude for the community that supports us: our dedicated and talented in-house team, the mighty force that we call our sales team, and of course the inspiring artists and designers whose beauty is our pleasure to share. 

Throughout this year, we’ve expanded not only into our new spacious studio and showroom but also in terms of our team. We’ve partnered up with many talented design sales reps who have eagerly and fiercely shared the beauty of Look wallcoverings. Thanks to our newly expanded sales team our wallcoverings are popping up in homes, residential buildings, hotels, restaurants and many other spaces from the Northeast to Southern California and everywhere in between. Their excitement and motivation inspire us all! 

This year we also made a big move. Ok, our new showroom and studio are just down the street, but in terms of the space we need to create, customize and print the quality wallcovering we’re known for, our new studio feels like we’ve come a long way. It’s allowed us to grow our in-house design team so we can work with clients on the spot to create unique colorways and designs specific to their projects. Our new studio opened up more possibilities and opportunities than we could have imagined. 

While it’s been safe to do so, we’ve hosted a few events with local Dallas designers and eateries. It’s been wonderful to welcome these creative and talented people into the studio! These events allowed them to experience firsthand the quality of the textiles and print capabilities we offer. If you’re ever in town or would like to make a special trip to see us, we’d love you to come by the new Look. Walls & Interiors studio for a tour. 

In the midst of all of the fantastic growth, we also partnered with several of our favorite designers to release completely new and gorgeous wallcoverings. Through her art, the massively popular contemporary artist Jenn Thatcher creates deep emotional connections with clients. We were thrilled to collaborate with her again – this time offering her signature Black Jack design and many others she created especially for wallcovering. 

Working with Grove Studio, known for luxurious products and forward-thinking design, we created the Ariel and 1965 collections, which are unlike anything we’ve ever done. The installations we’ve seen so far are stunning. 

Our in-house designers brought a vision to life in the Surreal Series expanding on a client’s custom design to create an entirely abstract, marbleized collection. When printed on the Shine textile, its dimension and movement are captivating.

While we’re wrapping up 2021, we’re building momentum moving into 2022 with new collections, collaborations and planned installations already in the works. We also understand that for many 2021 also brought sadness and insecurity. Our hope is that 2022 is a year of strength where we can appreciate the obvious and the unexpected beauty around us. 

Thank you to everyone who supported Look. Walls & Interiors this year. Please stay tuned as we strive to create wallcovering art that inspires you.