The Jenn Thatcher Collection

I’m overjoyed to be working again with my friend and talented artist Jenn Thatcher. Her latest colorful, yet light and airy wallcovering collection includes 5 inspiring designs: Isla, Ethereal, Black Jack, Peace, and Calm. 

Jenn spent five years getting this collection just right. Always thinking of the client, she understands that wallcovering is a commitment and some people seek a subtle design while others may want to showcase the design prominently in their home or business. Rest assured, Jenn’s collection will fit seamlessly into any space. 

And even though Jenn is an abstract artist, she loves classic details as well. She appreciates art whose meaning and beauty endure. I personally love how Jenn’s natural connection with people comes through so easily in her work. 

One of her signature paintings, “Black Jack,” was the inspiration for a design of imperfect circles representing people who are more beautiful when connected. Jenn created this family portrait in abstract during her teenage son’s battle with a serious illness. Jenn openly shares their story, which has resonated with so many who identify with her pain, her love, and their strength as a family. 

Another design, “Ethereal,” has already attracted influential fans including Katey McFarlan, a fashion and design influencer from Ft. Worth. Katey chose “Ethereal” in Blush for her bedroom and “Ethereal “in Blue for her powder bathroom. Don’t both colorways evoke a sense of tranquility, but in their own way? 

Look Walls’ mission is to transform the often overlooked wall into a fine piece of art to be enjoyed for years to come. No matter which design or colorway you choose, the new Jenn Thatcher Collection will set the tone for your space. I hope you’ll spend some time with these designs, and if you’d like samples, we’ll be glad to help you.