Aerial and 1965, A Grove Studio | Look Walls Collaboration

Sometimes the gift of art is how it shifts our perspective in an unexpected way. In our new collab with Grove Studio, we channel vibes from the coolest decade and offer a new take on a bird’s eye view of our wondrous planet. 

Let’s go back to 1965 when the Rolling Stones were on a world tour, the first American spacewalk took place and St. Louis’ Gateway Arch was complete. The 1965 Collection features “Led,” which brings back the crisp sound and the movement of vinyl from one of the most musically inspiring decades.  

The classic mod shift dress and the fashion icons who made it the “it” dress inspired wallcovering designs “Twiggy,” “Brigitte” and “Audrey.” The choice of colorways and textiles combine with this subtle homage to the fashion and music of the era to provide big personality to any space. 

Aerial is obvious in name but not in interpretation. By leaning into the movement of the landscape and adding subtle and even striking color palettes, Aerial is more modern than earthy. This collection varies from a geometric “Mesa” to an almost futuristic “Northern Lights.” The scene moves from calm and serene to an energetic sense of movement depending on the colorway. 

Known for its luxurious products and forward-thinking design, Grove Studio looks beyond the obvious and offers a new way to look at something familiar. These new collections achieve the goal of transforming the wall into more than a structure that holds art up, but into the art itself. 

As always we can’t wait to see how our interior design partners will incorporate 1965 and Aerial into their client’s spaces. 

Grove Collection installs are underway. Stay tuned to both Look. Walls and Grove Studio on Instagram for photos of the finished product.