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Beautiful texture, irridescence, sheen, and commercial grade quality are all within the realm of possibility.

Available Substrates

We have pre-selected the best substrate from our offering to enhance each pattern in our collections. These samples are in stock and ready to ship.

Look Linen
Blanc Sisal
Blonde Jute
Gold Iridescent

Contact your local look. sales representative. Representatives are listed by state here or simply reach out to us.

Order process:

  1. Art: Choose from our art or we can help you create your vision. Get in touch for a custom design
  2. Substrate: We have pre-selected the best substrate to enhance your art selection.
  3. Measure: All of our products are custom made to scale and fit the size of your wall.
  4. Order: Email us the pattern, substrate and wall size and we will get you a quote.
  5.  Ship: With layout approvals, we will print and ship!

Our products are printed to fit your specific wall size and are therefore individually priced. Each mural is broken down into panels that are approximately 48 inches wide. We add 1 inch around the perimeters such that you end up with 2 inches extra in height and width. Installation is straightforward with marked, sequential panels that are double-cut on the wall. Please reference project name and wall dimensions when requesting a quote.

All of our collections are available on the following Class A Flame Rated materials:

• Type 2 Vinyls

• Grasscloths

• Specialty Items

• PVC Free Options

• Decorative/Window Films

Before Installing:

    1. OPEN and inspect the custom mural.
    2. EXAMINE panel map and review
    3. CONFIRM that this is the correct product for this installation & the dimensions correspond.
    4. ASSESS walls for bowing, sagging or uneven surfaces as these may cause misalignment.
    5. STOP immediately and contact us if any discrepancy is discovered.
    6. CONTACT at

This is a custom made product and therefore its installation requires a higher attention to detail than installation of standard wallcovering. We strongly recommend laying out all panels prior to installation (see Panel Map). This will help determine the best starting point and help detect any problems that may arise during installation. All seams are designed to be dou- ble-cut. Please take care when matching the pattern at a seam to accommodate this feature.

Our murals are shipped with 1” of printed selvage around all edges that require trimming during installation for best matching.

An Installation Map illustrating the appropriate sequence of panel installation is included with all projects & shipped with every box. The wallcovering must be installed in strict accordance with this diagram. If the Panel Map is missing, stop and contact us immediately to receive a replacement document –

Wall surfaces should be clean, smooth, and free from defects and imperfections. Any existing wallcovering or other surface materials should be removed. A primer may be required depending on the wall and environmental conditions. Gypsum board finish should comply with AWCI Specifi- cation, Level 4 or higher. Plaster walls should be finished to the architect’s specification and be free of undulations and defects. The moisture content of the wall should not exceed 7%. Wall sizing should be applied and allowed to thoroughly dry.

Once installed, this wallcovering may be cleaned using a soft sponge and a lukewarm, mild detergent solution. Do not use abrasive cleaners containing chlorine bleach, solvents, or ammonia as they may damage the printed surface.

Download installation instructions

Download sample panel map

Whether we begin with your inspiration or our art, the possibilities are endless. Our talented team of designers will work closely to collaborate with you and create wallcoverings completely customized for your space.

See a pattern you love but need to alter it? Trying to match a specific color palette? Looking for just one segment of a pattern we offer? We really mean it when we say our work is customizable.

Is my wallcovering repeatable? Some patterns are repeatable and depending on the size of a wall a repeat will be built in.

Can the mural be scaled to fit a specific wall? Our murals are print to measure, all art is scaled to the wall size but some patterns can be scaled up or down based on the clients request.

Can the mural be scaled in/out? Yes most patterns can be scaled up or down.

How is this installed? Check the “How to Install” section above, or download our installation instructions. We recommend a level 4 or level 5 wall finish, and the use of Roman adhesives and primer for the install.

Are you to the trade only? Yes.

Can I order on the website? No you will have to contact our office directly to place an order.

How much overage will I receive on my order? We provide one inch extra to the perimeter of the mural as well as the interior panels for the double cut.

Do you send samples and custom strike-offs? Yes and we require strike-off approvals on all custom art. For samples, we have pre-selected the best substrate to enhance your art selection – these samples are in stock and ready to ship.

Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we do accept credit cards. We also accept checks, ACH payments, or Zelle.