Our fun, spunky, animal-inspired wallcovering collection “Wild Things” makes its debut today! It is the Look Walls interpretation of animal print, combining playful animals with bold colors.

For this wallcovering design, I worked with the talented artist Ferdinand van Alphen, who is known for his witty art, which often features animals. Check him out on Insta for a daily dose of humor, if you haven’t already @Ferdinand.Ink.

When I fell in love with his work, I was coincidentally toying with the idea of an animal-inspired collection to showcase Look’s bold and playful side. Ferdinand and I quickly hit it off, and he created a crew of animals that I adore.

My favorite design is Creeping Croc. I just love crocodiles. The collection also includes Panther Prowl, Wise Old Owl, Silent Sea Horse, Panda Pounce, and Polka Dot Trot, which can be printed on a variety of playful backgrounds. I picked the pink just for fun, and the yellow and orange to provide a bold punch of color. The midnight navy and emerald are classics that enhance any space.

We currently have the collection stocked on the Resilience textile. The shimmer of Resilience adds another layer of charm to thesebold designs.

Another fun way to personalize these fascinating creatures is to either zoom in to emphasize the detail of the animal sketch or create interest through a tile of many small versions of the design. It really gives options to clients whose space may call for a larger print. Look’s state-of-the-art printing technology makes customizing designs and playing with scale super simple.

I hope you’ll check out our “Wild Things” wall covering collection in the online Look Book  at lookwalls.com/wallcovering. Samples are also available now through a Look. Walls & Interiors sales representative.