New Wallcovering Designs Take an Abstract Look at Nature

 DALLAS – MAY 2, 2018 – On a mission to transform the wall into art, Look. Walls & Interiors today announced the “Organix” wallcovering collection, which features an abstract look at nature. The wallcovering designs are a mix of texturized organics with large-scale looks at natural elements as well as intricate looks at some of the smallest and most subtle details in nature.

“The outdoors provides a sense of peace and balance as well as inspiration for art,” said Lindsay White, Principal at Look. Walls & Interiors. “The ‘Organix’ collection plays off of the beauty that Mother Nature created to add a modern and organic touch to any space.”

‘Organix’ takes us from the luscious forest to the depth of the sea with 16 designs that also range from literal to abstract. From the ocean, we take a close look at sea creatures and their protective homes in ‘Anemone,’ ‘Swirl’ and ‘Coral.” The forest gives us realistic ‘Logged,’ and ‘Bamboo’ and also the gilded leaves of ‘Bowstring.’ Inspired by the romance of nature, ‘Cloudy’ and ‘Forever’ create an airy peace.

“This collection is organic and earthy, but with a modern twist,” White said. “For example, ‘Shagreen’ features a perfectly imperfect pattern within a precise geometric design. Once printed on our new 24K metallic substrate, the design is transformed into a bold modern wallcovering.”

Look. Walls & Interiors uses state-of-the-art printing technology to capture unique design details and textures. The ability to scale the design up or down allows designers to either emphasize the detail of the natural design or create interest through a wall covered in a large-scale pattern.

The complete “Organix” Look Book is available online at, and samples are available now through a Look. Walls & Interiors sales representative.

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