June 21, 2017

Our third and final talented artist featured in the Look Walls Artist Series Collection is Jenn Thatcher. One of the things I love about Jenn’s work is that she approaches her art with an entire space in mind. Jenn’s love for interior design is evident when you see how perfectly her pieces fit into her clients’ spaces.    

The other thing I love about Jenn is the unique journey she took to get to where she is now. Would you guess that the woman that painted these serene contemporary works of art once was a type-A consultant for a Wall Street firm with a billion-dollar annual sales goal? Well, she was, and let me tell you how she became the Jenn Thatcher whose art is now featured in many spaces worldwide. 

After much success on Wall Street, she and her pilot husband decided the work was not leaving much time for their family. So she got her real estate license. As a realtor, she insisted the homes she represented look like they came out of a magazine. She enjoyed staging and decorating them to sell. One such home had a large blank wall that needed a focal piece. Jenn just so happened to have a large canvas and some gold paint at home, so she created something to fill the client’s space.

Everyone that came through the house commented on the painting. Many said they weren’t interested in the house, but they wanted THAT painting. Jenn laughed it off and after the home sold, hung it in her own home. Again…guests commented on the painting. She decided to put it up for sale and see what happened. Within minutes, she had a line of people interested in buying her impromptu artwork. Recognizing a good thing, she continued to paint and sold more than 200 paintings in the first year.

Jenn says her career as an artist was an awesome surprise and blessing. She has used her talent to help many charities, including turning a design into silk scarves for cancer patients and creating special prints to help end human trafficking through the A21 organization, to name a few.

“I’m not like most artists,” Jenn says about herself. And she’s not referring to the path she took towards art. Without thinking much about what she’s going to paint, she starts painting and the design is born. Jenn’s style is broad and open-minded – from her “Connected” wallcovering and its soft geometric pattern to the variety of blues in the abstract “Aviary.”

Jenn and I share a love for interior design, and I look forward to getting her perspective on client wallcovering installations. Because geometric designs are some of my favorites, I’m personally eager to print and install Jenn’s “Inner Circle” and “Elena” in large scale.

Touching people’s lives through art is Jenn’s passion, and I’m thrilled to introduce my clients to her art. To see more of Jenn’s art as wallcovering, check out the complete Artist Series Collection Look Book available soon.

Lindsay White