Our newest wallcovering collection, Art Deco, indulges in my personal love of modern geometric design featuring rich colors, decadent detail and vivid geometry. It will instantly take you back to the glamour and sophistication of the 1920’s and 1930’s when one of my favorite hotels, The Carlyle in Manhattan, opened its doors.  

My affinity for all things Art Deco include tucked away, cozy, smoky, dark bars from prohibition times, interior architectural details and carries into my favorite jewelry pieces. Art Deco is all about sleek geometry and pattern, but it’s steeped in exaggerated extravagance. Picture a fur stole and a silver flapper dress seated on an emerald green velvet chaise lounge in the lobby of New York’s hottest hotel in 1930.  

This collection features nine wallcovering designs in color patterns ranging from sleek black and glitzy gold to classy midnight navy and bold red and orange. Eye Tricks is one of my personal favorites. We have printed this collection on Gold Iridescent which has a hint of glamour, and the sophistication is taken up a notch to make these designs comes to life. I created a variety of black and gold designs in this collection, because when I think “Art Deco,” I picture a dark and shimmery space. However, we can custom color any of these designs to fit any space.  

The versatility of these patterns is endless. I’ve printed the pattern in Blue Neon in a variety of ways including a subdued version for our Look holiday card last year. This midnight navy and aqua version turns it into a glamourous show piece for a modern space.  

Thankfully, the Art Deco era lives on and can be transformed into today’s style. Check out our Look Book www.lookwalls.com/wallcovering to see all of the Art Deco Collection’s glamorous wallcovering designs.