May 1, 2017

In the last several months, Look Walls has been working on one of our most exciting and emotional collections to date. The new collection features three very talented artists who’ve allowed us to transform their bold works of art into wallcovering. The Artist Series project is so near and dear to my heart, because I love the creative process, creative people and the joy and happiness art brings to people’s lives. That’s why I do what I do!

Throughout a series of blogs over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce you to the three artists in this collection. We can’t wait for you to get to know the artists behind the beautiful pieces we’ve chosen to turn into wallcoverings.

First, I’d like to introduce you to Anita Felix of Felix Art Studio. I discovered Anita when I bought one of her charming angel paintings for my niece. I was fascinated by the delicate, but textured painting of the sweet angel. As I learned more about Anita, I discovered her more contemporary work. At that point, I fell in love, and knew I had to turn her pieces into wallcoverings.

I was shocked to find out that Anita had not always painted contemporary style pieces and, in fact, wasn’t even a fan of that style of art until a former employer commissioned her to paint a contemporary piece for him.

“I had always drawn very fine pieces of art – faces, for example. And I was so critical of myself,” Anita said. “When Randal asked me to paint a contemporary piece, I thought ‘No way’ but he said, ‘Just give it a try.’”

Thankfully, she did, and she was hooked. Contemporary art now gives Anita freedom to create without the inner criticism, and she can also allow the painting to take form as she goes.

“There’s space for mistakes. It’s so forgiving and I found myself enjoying painting so much more.”

Anita lives in east Texas now, but originally hails from the coast of South Africa, which is where her devotion to all things water began.

“I probably should have been born a fish,” she quips.

You can see the influence of water in many of the contemporary pieces we feature at Look – whether they’re soft interpretations in River Lea or more striking like Deep Within. Bora Bora takes you straight to a sandy beach with a Mai Tai in hand.

She’s also renowned for her interpretations of ballerinas, churches, barns and of course, angels. Anita’s current surroundings in east Texas inspire her modern paintings of quaint historic barns and churches.

After painting whimsical ballerina gowns for a time, her mom urged her to try angel wings. That urging and her admiration for Anne Neilson’s painting of angels, launched her own vision and the popular angels were born. The angels and churches have become something that many customers give to struggling loved ones to lift them up.

We’re thrilled Anita has allowed Look to reproduce her art as wallcovering. It all came together so perfectly … after seeing other artists’ paintings on fabric and other textiles, Anita started considering wallcovering. About that time, I reached out to her and we’ve been busy selecting pieces, scanning and printing them ever since.

Anita sees the experience in every journey and how openness can take you to places never dreamed. I’m excited for the journey we’re on and look forward to seeing Anita’s beautiful work in our clients’ spaces. Be on the lookout for the Artist Series Look Book featuring more of Anita’s art soon!

Lindsay White